Danielle Burnside
fine art print, hand embellished with copper leaf
11x14 with mat
The Hammerhead Shark reminds us of a quiet strength. Known for being shy, these elusive and graceful sharks are symbols for both mystery and guardianship, perceptions and shape shifters, peace and intuition. Most fish use one eye at a time. Hammerheads use both of their eyes together, much like humans, and the larger the width of their head, the wider range of view they have. These sharks have a 360 range of vision, meaning they may see all around them; above, below, behind, and all around. Of all the species of hammer head sharks, already 2 are endangered, and 2 are classified as vulnerable. In Africa, the great hammerhead shark is considered critically endangered.

LARGE PRINT: 11"x14"
Hand Embellished with copper leaf
Mats made out of recycled paper

My work is ocean inspired. Each original piece is a unique mixture of materials; primarily watercolor, acrylic, and copper leaf. All prints are hand embellished with copper leaf.

Part of the proceeds from this print will be donated to Saving the Blue, Inc. in an effort to help preserve the life of a wide array of shark species, and promote the overall health and wellbeing for our oceans through educating, empowering, and inspiring. @savingtheblue
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